• This infographic provides a quick glance at how the Department of General Services has impacted San Luis Obispo County and its residents.
  • This infographic shows how the Department of General Services allocates its budgetary and staff resources.

What We Do

With a budget of $1.8 million and a staff of about 96 full-time employees, the General Services Department provides a wide variety of services directly to the public and in support of County departments, including building facility maintenance, custodial services for more than 200 County buildings, architectural services to manage the design and construction for new and renovated County buildings and parks, real property services to oversee leased properties and manage real estate transactions related to County properties, Countywide purchasing to centralize the purchase of equipment and materials for all County departments, and internal County mail delivery.

What We Did in 2014

The General Services Department completed 25 Architectural Services Projects in 2014, which include:

• Animal Services Laundry
• Animal Services Roof Maintenance
• Animal Services Sinkhole Asphalt & Waterline Repair
• Atascadero Library and North County Service Center (NCSC)
• Cambria Library
• Cambria Library Site ADA Improvements
• Casa Loma Parking and Security Lights
• Cayucos Pier Emergency Stabilization
• Courthouse Painting Project
• Drug & Alcohol Services Longbranch Conference Rooms
• Extend Fiber to Atascadero Public & Mental Health Clinic
• Honor Farm Laundry
• IT Data Center Remodel
• Kimball Building Signage and Blinds
• Kimball Building Well Remediation
• Meridian Fire Station Leach Field
• New Government Center Auditor/Tax Collector Office Consolidation
• Replace Juvenile Hall Carpet in E, W, and South Units
• Replace Security Fencing at Cuesta Peak
• Sheriff Security Screens Project
• SLO Vets Hall & Courthouse Signage
• SLO Vets Hall Paving Repair
• Templeton American Legion Exit Stairs & Handrails
• Templeton American Legion Parking Lot Repairs
• Upgrade Sheriff Detective Building Windows

The department also assisted in the development of the following construction projects that used outside contractors:

• Women’s Jail Expansion ($40M, 36 month project). Notice to Proceed issued Feb 2014.
• Juvenile Hall Expansion ($21M, 22 month project). Notice to Proceed issued for Nov 2014.
• Cayucos Pier Rehabilitation ($3.4M, 8 month project). Notice to Proceed issued Oct 2014.
• Facilities Condition Assessment. Contract to be awarded Nov 2014.

The General Services Department also saved the County approximately $1.3 million by reorganizing purchasing, focusing on strategic procurement to get the best value for goods and services.

The department completed five major Real Property Services projects in 2014, which were:

• Land transfer to Avila Beach CSD to accommodate expansion of the Central Coast Aquarium at Avila Beach Park
• Option to Purchase with Transitions Mental Health Assn. to acquire & restore the County’s Sunny Acres Building
• 12,0000 sq. ft. build-to-suit lease to provide additional office space for Social Services in Paso Robles
• 4,600 sq. ft. lease to provide a new Social Services office location in Morro Bay
• Revision of deed restriction with Port San Luis Harbor District to allow special events in their central parking lot

And the General Services Fleet division completed the Countywide Fleet Selection Criteria Policy, which allows the County to purchase vehicles using a best value approach rather than lowest price. As a result, the County saved money through fuel cost savings, maintenance and repair costs and projected resale value.

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