• Here's a glance at how the District Attorney's Office impacted SLO County and its residents in 2014.
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What We Do

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s (DA) Office represents the people of the State of California in all criminal cases occurring within San Luis Obispo County, working to bring justice and safety to our community by aggressively and fairly prosecuting crime and protecting the rights of victims.

There are a number of different units within the DA’s office that are responsible for the criminal prosecution of varying cases types, including sexual assault, domestic violence, drug offenses, juvenile offenders, elder abuse, and consumer fraud and environmental protection.

The DA’s office also manages the County’s Victim/Witness Assistance Program, which makes the criminal justice system more accessible, easier to understand and more responsive to the rights and needs of victims of crime. Victim-advocate employees are skilled in crisis intervention, emergency assistance and thorough responses to the individual needs of victims.

What We Did in 2014

DA Invests in Revolutionary Tool

The County’s District Attorney’s Office faced major operational changes in 2014 that revolutionized the way it conducts business. The DA’s office implemented and began using a new, complex case management system that allows the department to effectively manage the thousands of cases filed each year.

The new system is more cost-effective than the County’s previous mainframe and has propelled the DA’s Office into the 21st century. The browser-based criminal case management program, called Prosecutor by Karpel, uses the latest technology to help the DA’s Office streamline operations by keeping necessary and statutorily required records, as well as integrating vital information and relevant data between the Sheriff’s Office, the Probation Department, the courts and other criminal justice partners.

Countless hours were spent on software and interface development, testing, configuration and training to use the new system. The department installed the integrated system to replace multiple applications previously used to support operations, including the District Attorney County Integrated Case Management System, the Bad Check System, and Victim/Witness Tracking System, among others. Prosecutor by Karpel was installed in November 2013.

The new tool increases efficiency while moving the department toward its future goal of having a nearly paperless case management system. Attorneys now use laptops daily in court and have immediate access to case documents, including testing results and reports, which greatly reduces the need for continued court appearances and related staffing costs.

The new system contributes to a safer San Luis Obispo County by creating a more well-informed public protection unit that now has immediate access to court and law enforcement data with the ability to gather and instantaneously disseminate information among law enforcement partners.

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